I have several other one or two only plants. I am available by appointment or see me at the Cowlitz County Farmer's Market starting in April.

Inventory 9/2016 Lots of other odds and ends.

  • Clethra aucminata- Attractive white flowers, peeling bark, and shade tolerant. Matures at under 20 feet. $10
  • Clethra barbinervis 'Takedo Nishiki'- I always love a variegated plant and this one is striking. Moderate grower expect about five feet tall in ten years. $30
  • Disanthus 'Ena Nishiki'- This variegated plant does well in partial shade. Perfect for the woodland garden. It provides wonderful fall color in the pink-red range. This arching shrub will grow 8-10 feet tall.  $15
  • Enkianthus 'Miyamabeni'- Woodland gardens are wonderful summer retreats. I love enkinathus and have several cultivars in my garden. This is the first white flowered cultivar I have encountered. It is easy to grow and appreciates conditions similar to rhodendrons or azaleas. The small bell shaped flowers appear in spring. Small plants in 1 gallon pots $15
  • Parrotia 'Vanessa'- Perfect tree for small gardens. It's columnar growth is handy when you are trying to fit in just one more plant. Perfect street tree as it only gets about 15 foot high. Fall color is a mix of oranges, yellows and reds.