Magnolia Acres

Raising and showing rabbits since 1983. Rex, Californians, Flemish Giants, and English Lops

It's fun having the dogs and the plants.

However, there are a few plantrophes caused by the dogs. We love them anyway.


Vegetable Plants, Bedding Plants, Trees, Shrubs.

Verd Shorthairs

I have had Shorthairs since 1995. No puppies will be available until 2017.

  • German Shorthair Pointer

  • Active, Loving Companions 

  • Closer Ranging Hunting Dogs

  • Show Quality Rabbits

  • Emphasis on Health

  • Vaccinated for Pasturella

Plants, Dogs, and Rabbits

  • Trees and Shrubs

  • Annual Flowers

  • Vegetable Starts